I am an artist and illustrator who loves to draw places, people and events. I work in both large and small scale using traditional media.

I graduated from Norwich School of Art & Design in 2003, and worked as a Graphic Designer in London and East Anglia.

My technique has developed from working quickly from life in the reportage tradition, using freehand linework with expressive accents of colour to capture movement and atmosphere.   

Solo exhibitions

NR2 Café & Deli
9 Trory Street, Norwich
11th – 15th December 2018

Strangers Coffee House
21 Pottergate, Norwich
December 2018 – February 2019

Drawn to the city
Studio 20, Norwich
July 2018 

Familiar Faces
Two Fat Ladies Gallery, Norwich
April 2017


Eastern Daily Press
May 2018

It's Nice that
August 2016